About the College of Law

The College of Law of then Holy Name College was established in 1948. Since then, it has produced lawyers, prosecutors, Municipal Trial Court and Regional Trial Court judges.

The College of Law has started in 1948 with Atty. Anastacio A. Mumar as the first dean of the college. Later when Holy Name College was renamed Divine Word College, Atty. Elpidio V. Biliran served as dean.  He was succeeded by Atty. Sulpicio A. Tinampay. Also serving as dean in was Atty. Paulino G. Clarin.  Currently, the College of Law is under the deanship of  Atty. Tomas D. Abapo, Jr. who has served Holy Name University. The College of Law was able to produce  a bar topnotcher in 1968 in the person of the late Atty. Oscar D. Glovasa.

Atty. Tomas Abapo
College of Law

College of Law


A college where legal education is  served by competent and outstanding lawyers and law graduates committed to the promotion of justice, equality and fairness in the spirit of the Divine Word.


We commit ourselves to the:
  • legal education deeply immersed in Catholic principles and moral values;
  • Promotion awareness of and involvement in social, political, economic and environmental responsibilities, in the service of fellowmen in all levels of the community.


  • To impart and imbibe concepts of law on the basis of Catholic philosophy;
  • To provide intensive studies on the different aspects of law and the latest jurisprudence on provisions of law  by the Supreme Court of the Philippines;
  • To provide and promote legal research;
  • To render legal outreach and assistance to communities, together with the Christian ministry, and thus, inculcate spiritual and value formation;
  • To conduct forums, participate in legal activities to initiate public reforms and other policy changes that will be beneficial to poor and marginalized communities.

Academic Program

Juris Doctor (Non-Thesis Program)


Atty. Tomas Abapo, Jr.

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Mary Joyce Machete


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