About the College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences used to be the College of Nursing which had its humble beginning in  1985 when the Ministry of Education Culture and Sports granted then Divine Word College of Tagbilaran approval to offer Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program. Since that time, the college has  produced competent nurses whose expertise in health care is recognized not only in the province nor in the Philippines but also abroad.

In 2013, Holy Name University pioneered in offering the Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology program in Bohol.  With academic excellence at its core, the newest addition to the College of Nursing  aims to answer the growing  demand for health care professionals in the community. As two health-related programs are served in this college,  the College of Nursing has been renamed as  the College of Health Sciences in 2015.  The same college offers Master of Arts in Nursing since…

The College of Health Sciences  consists of  the Department of Nursing  granted a Level II PAASCU accreditation  and the Department of Medical Technology. The college ensures students’ effective training through their competent  faculty members and  state of the art facilities.
Prof. Ruvih Joy Garrote, RN, MAN
College of Health Sciences

Health Sciences

Vision, Mission and Goals


A God – centered college molding innovative professionals responsive to the health care needs of clients in varied settings.


We commit ourselves to:
  • Being true witnesses to the values of Christ the Healer;
  • Upholding the standards of quality instruction and research; and
  • The formation of competent and socially responsible health care professionals.


We aim to:
  • Promote a sustainable clinical pastoral education;
  • Engage in scholarly outcomes and evidenced – based education; and
  • Participate actively in health care programs with compassion and competence.

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

Master of Arts in Nursing with the following specialization:
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Maternal and Child Nursing
  • Medical – Surgical Nursing
  • Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing
  • Nursing Administration and Supervision


Prof. Ruvih Joy Garrote, RN, MAN
Prof. Tyrone Hora, RN, MAN
Chairperson, Academic

Prof. Lourdes Babor, RN, MAN
Chairpeson, RLE
Prof. Rosemarie Sing, RMT, MPH

Health Sciences Faculty

Nursing Department

Dr. Lourdes Aparicio, RN

Prof. Karen Aranzado, RN, MAN

Prof. Maria Cecilia Berou, RN, MAN

Prof. Fritzie Camacho, RN, MAN

Prof. Dymphna Casquejo, RN, MAN

Albert Dano, RN

Prof. Louila Joy De Claro, RN, MAN

Prof. Doris Escobido, RN, MAN

Prof. Judith Godinez, RN, MAN

Prof. Maria Arvee Himalaloan, RN, MAN

Alvin Miguel Lim, RN

Prof. Chona Lim, RN, MAN

Prof. Vilsuette Lingo, RN, MAN

Dr. Lily Beth Lumagbas

Prof. Keywyn Lumantao, RN,MAN

Prof. Belen Mendez, RN, MAN

Prof. Vincent Rey Namoc, RN, MAN

Prof. Zandae Allyne Pablo, RN, MAN

Prof. Maria Paz Polinar, RN, MAN

Prof. Alan Fufino Pondoc, RN, MAN

Prof. Jocelyn Reyes, RN, MAN

Prof. Lucy Antonette Sales, RN, MAN

Prof. Ingrid Tubio, RN, MAN

Prof. Emmylou Tutor, RN, MAN

Prof. Victoria Usaraga, RN, MAN

Alan Vallejos, RN

Angelie Omac

Secretary, Nursing Department

Medical Technology Department

Richard Araya, RMT

Gylle Evann Badon, RMT

Kristen Karah Cenabre , RMT

Darwin Cruz, RMT

Ni˜o Majerano, RMT

Precious Rea Flor Mancao, RMT

Prof. Karl Padiera, RMT, MMT

Crissa Lyne Pasco, RMT

Prof. Menissa Acierto, RMT, MA

Jason Victor Asis, RMT

Ross Zeus Delgado, RMT, AScPi

Sheila Lomosbog, RMT, AScPi

Kathleen Lugod, RMT

Dr. Lilybeth Lumagbas

Deogracia Marzo, RMT

Myraclaire Orig, RMT

Emma Sagaral, RMT

Thea Monique Galan

Secretary, Medical Technology Department



Research and Publications


Student Organizations

Organization Student Membership
Nursing Student Organization  
Red Cross Youth  
Clinical Educator and Life Lover Society  
Red Raiders  

College of Health Sciences Local Government Unit organizes activities which will involve students taking Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This is under the direction and supervision of the Central Student Government (CSG) and Student Affair Office (SAO), respectively.

Nursing Student Organization (NSO), exclusively for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing students, which  purpose  is to initiate community extension programs and services.

Red Cross Youth  (RCY) is a campus organization composed of student volunteers geared towards community extension, health promotion, and emergency and disaster response.

Clinical Educator and Life Lover Society (CELL)  is composed of all Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology students.  This student organization initiates  community extension programs and services.

Red Raiders is an organization which engages student members  in extra-curricular  activities for culture and art appreciation and development of  talents and abilities.