About the College of Business and Accountancy

The college used to be called College of Commerce (COC) since its first organization in 19__, then the name was changed to College of Commerce and Accountancy (CoCA). At present, it is called the College of Business and Accountancy (CBA). The college used to have fourdepartments: Accountancy, Business Administration, Secretarial and Computer Science.

Currently, the college has three departments, namely: Accountancy, Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management. It is the largest college in terms of student population. Its flagship program, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) has produced CPAs and topnotchers including a 1st placer in 1991. The performance of the graduates in the CPA board examinations over the years has consistently exceeded the national standard.
Dr. Jemma J. Jay
College of Business and Accountancy

Business and Accountancy

Vision, Mission and Goals


A business college upholding excellence in educating Christian servant professionals.


We commit ourselves to the:
  • development of a center for quality business education
  • constant quest for excellence in scholarly research, dynamic instruction and needs-based community extension; and
  • molding of persons imbued with high ideals of integrity and moral values.


We aim to:
  • offer relevant business curriculum responsive to the needs of the community and industry;
  • undertake the production of peer-refereed research outputs, updated instructional materials, and engage in outreach activities founded on specific needs of the community; and
  • practice professional and personal ethics guided by gospel values

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA)
Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting (BSMA)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in:
Financial Management (BSBA-FM)
Marketing Management (BSBA-MM)
Human Resource Management (BSBA-HRM)
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM)
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM)


Dr. Jemma J. Jay
Dr. Florita Acero, CPA
Chairperson, Accountancy

Dr. Ernesto Golosino
Chairperson, Business Administration

Prof. Lutgarda Cañedo, MBA
Chairperson, Tourism and Hospitality

Business and Accountancy Faculty

Accountancy Department

Cecile Evemary Batingal, CPA

Apollo Enriquez, CPA

Remark Montalban, CPA, CMA

Prof. Leomar Virador, CPA, CMITAP, MSA-MA

Atty. Reagan Bolando, CPA

Atty. Charlita Leopoldo, CPA

Atty. Lucille Maglajos, CPA

Atty. Marein Assumpta Makinano

John Camelo Servidad, CPA

Atty. Lawrence Louie Uy

Business Administration Department

Prof. Precillano Echavia, MBA

Prof. Roger Magallanes, MBA

Prof. Ma. Emily Navales, MBA

Dr. Rosemary Zacal

Dr. Maria Paz Espiritu

Mary Ann Icamen

Allan Luzano

Prof. Rheena Simbajon, MMC

Carlos Ventura

Hospitality and Tourism Department

Ivy Xyzeth Boniel

Peter Elezar Duquilla

Prof. Catherine Ingles, MSIT

Cindy Pinat

Jodie Gamay

Research and Publications

Student Organizations

Organization Student Membership
Junior Business Executives Association (JBEA)  
Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)  
Hospitality and Tourism Society (HATS)