About the Basic Education Department

The Basic Education Department of Holy Name University consists of three departments, namely; Grade School (Pre-elementary and Grades 1-6 levels), Junior High School (Grades 6-10) and Senior High School (Grades 11-12).  Among these departments, the high school unit was  established first at the time when Holy Name College (now Holy Name University) was inaugurated on July 14, 1947.  The department pioneered with 613 students. After a year, the formal recognition for a four- year high school was granted.  The SVD Administration working very closely with the Diocese of Tagbilaran then felt the need to offer elementary education to the Boholano community.

On July 1, 1950, Holy Name College opened its Grade School Department in order to provide the Boholanos with the holynamian brand of education in their formative years.  After a decade, the administration moved the ever-expanding department to a newly purchased house and lot in Knights of Columbus Drive in Gallares Street. In 1963, the department transferred to the Arias Building (now known as Balay Kabilin) in front of  Tagbilaran City Community Hospital along M. Parras Street. Seeing the patronage of the Boholanos to then Divine Word College of Tagbilaran, the pre - elementary unit was opened in 1995.  Eventually, the growing population of the department prompted the SVD Fathers to relocate the teachers and students.  After more than 30 years in Arias Building, the Grade School Department was transferred to a more spacious Bates Building in Janssen Heights, Dampas District. In 2000, the department moved to the building especially dedicated for the youngest members of the HNU family.  From where it stands today, the Grade School Department is always inspired by the Spirituality of Saint Arnold Janssen and maintains its pursuit for academic excellence by being a PAASCU Level II Accredited.

                The same inspiration and vision keep the Junior High School Department’s quality instruction anchored on its clientele’s holistic growth.  After the SVDs gained full ownership of the school in the 1960s, the High School Department shared with the SVD mission.  They opened evening classes to accommodate students who support themselves by working during the regular class hours.  Such program also allows them to avail of quality education at a lesser cost.  When the enrolment soared in the early 1980s, the administration decided to relocate the department to the new High School building  which  was  the  first structure raised at a sprawling 7.2 hectare SVD property in Janssen Heights, Dampas.  Conscious of its vital role in the academe, the department applied for PAASCU Accreditation in 1993. It was granted Level I and  II clean accreditation respectively. To respond to the educational reforms brought about by the K-12 Curriculum, the High School Department is now called the Junior High School unit offering Grades 7 to 10.

The third important group under the Basic Education Department is the Senior High School.  It came to its existence to conform with  R.A No. 10533, also known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013.  The department, though new, is strengthened by experienced teachers of the different colleges of the University.  The Senior High School Department offers three academic tracks, namely; Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMS) and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for Grades 11 and 12.
Dr. Prisciano Legitimas
Basic Education Department

Basic Education Department


Cradle of fundamental knowledge and value formation, upholding excellence in the formation of young servant-leaders.


We commit ourselves to the:
  • formation of spiritual/moral values and the constant witnessing to the Divine Word;
  • active participation in community building;
  • promotion of love of country and the appreciation of cultural heritage; and
  • provision of opportunities to help promote and protect the integrity of creation.


We aim to: inculcate in our pupils the spiritual and moral values in accordance with Christian principles;
  • provide relevant and meaningful learning experiences that will enable them to   qualitatively   increase their knowledge and develop their skills;
  • involve pupils in various exposures and activities which will increase their awareness and responsiveness to the changes and demands of society, and;
  • provide varied activities geared towards the building of Christian communities.

Academic Program


Dr. Prisciano Legitimas, LPT
Doctor of Management
Gladys Flora I. Floreta
Assistant Principal
Senior High School

Maria Liesle A. Dopeño, LPT, EdD
Doctor of Education
Integrated Language Area Coordinator
Jessie A. Fuentes, LPT, MA, Juris Doctor          
Math Area Coordinator
Sheila B. Alturas, LPT, MA
Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary School Subjects
Science Area Coordinator

Jean J. Roy, LPT, PhD
Doctor in Administration and Supervision
TLE/HELE/MAPEH Area Coordinator
Fr. Charlton C. Plateros, SVD, RN    
Basic Education Chaplain
CL/ESP Area Coordinator
Asuncion P. Pabalan, LPT, PhD
Doctor in Educational Management
Araling Panlipunan Area Coordinator              
Maria Fe Evelyn L. Tampos, LPT, RN
Master of Arts in Education
Student Activity Program Coordinator
Cirila L. Capili, LPT
Prefect of Discipline

Grade School Faculty


Rey     Acaso, LPT

Felicidad              Auxtero, LPT

Christine Abigail Aya-ay, LPT

Jackelyn               Baliano, LPT

Jisselle                  Barrete, LPT, MA

Charlie                  Batingal, LPT

Jeziel                     Besinga, LPT

Grace Ann           Budiongan, LPT

John Vincent      Budiongan, LPT

Noemi                   Digal, LPT, MA

Mia                        Geonzon, LPT

Victoria                 Jaum, LPT, MA

Jenefer                 Lebios, LPT

Riezy                      Mahinay, LPT

Rufino                   Ocon, LPT, MA

Niña Samantha Pajo, LPT

Jessel                    Salazar, LPT

Celso                     Tabaranza, LPT, MA

Geraldine            Tañeza, LPT


Teacher Assistants

Arnel                     Alturas

Carme                   Bucag, LPT


Junior High School Faculty


Adelwisa              Adaptar                , LPT

Bernadita            Agbayani, LPT

Cenon                   Agbayani, Jr., LPT , Doctor in Technology Management

Daisy Jane           Asas       , LPT

Maria Gemma   Auman , LPT

Restituto             Balabat , LPT, Doctor in Educational Management

Temistocles        Bongcac, LPT, Master of Arts in English

Marianne            Bueno   , LPT

Gellie Ann           Castro   , LPT

Winica                   Cagas    , LPT, Master of Arts in Teaching  Mathematics

Junie                     Castigon, LPT

Esteban                 Carosus , LPT

Cecilia                   Cordova, LPT, NC II in Cookery

Vilea                      Cornell  , LPT

Arlene Emily       Cuaresma, LPT, Master of Arts in Educational Management

Lolita                     Dangoy , LPT, Doctor in Educational Management

Noreen                 Escabarte,LPT,   Trainer Methodology in Cookery

Jacquelyn            Flores    , LPT , Trainer for Events Management

Carlota                  Glovasa , LPT

Emelinda             Llido       , LPT

Analie                   Manliguez, LPT, RN, Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary School Subjects

Fritziel                   Orcullo  , LPT

Judelyn                 Patayon, LPT, NC II in Cookery

Gilda                      Quindica, LPT

Reinelda              Rafiñan , LPT

Joseph Rey         Rances  , LPT

Wilfredo              Rulida    , LPT

Vanessa Joy        Sarigumba, LPT

Ma. Claribel        Sumampong, LPT, Master of Arts in Computer Education

Ma. Fe Evelyn    Tampos , LPT, Master of Arts in Education

Jeremy                Vega, LPT

Sabrina                 Visaya, LPT         


Senior High School Faculty


Full Time

Claro V                  Apale                    BSEd MAPEH

Ma. Odeza          Bornea                 BSEd Filipino

Crissa Jane          Catam-isan          BSEd Mathematics

Fe                           Conui                   MA Filipino                                        

Maria Carmen    Decierdo, PhD    PhD EM; PhD ELT

Giselle Marie      Fabuna                BSEd Filipino

Jesus                     Gam, Jr.               MAED ReEd (CAR)     

Le Alberthy         Hordista              MA Computer Science; MA SpEd

Epifania                Jabines                MBA

Allan                      Janiola                 AB Philosophy

John Erieco          Javier                  BS IT

Arniel                    Lapore                 BSEd Mathematics

Cherry                   Maniwang           MAEd ELT; MA CDDS

Juan                       Mascarinas          AB Philosophy

Alexis                    Millanar                BS Nursing

Ruby Ann Marie    Ocular                BSEd English

Eli Adel                 Pague                    BSC Management

Clarita                   Pajo                        MAEd Sciences

Ma. Thesageen     Sarabia               MA Public Administration

Ace                         Uy                          MA Mathematics


Part Time

Christian Angelo   Alcala               BSED English 

Silvino                      Anosa               BS Accountancy      

Glenda                     Cabatic            BS Gen. Science

Gladys                      Dahab              BSED English

GN                             Lebumfacil      BS Business Ad            

 Xiaofang                Liu                    MA Chinese Literature

Research and Publications

Occupational Stress Levels and Licensure Status of Online ESL Teachers (Published)
Andoy, Christine Abigail A.
International Journal of Advanced Education and Research ISSN: 2455-5746;
Impact Factor: RJIF 5.34 Received: 02-11-2019; Accepted: 03-12-2019 www.alleducationjournal.com Volume 5; Issue 1; January 2019; Page No. 08-12

Schema-Based Instruction in Mathematics Problem Solving
(Unpublished, Presented)
Cagas, Winica J.

Proficient-Novice Learning Partnership in the Teaching of Mathematics (Unpublished, Presented)
Tabaranza, Celso V.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations Student Membership
a.Special Organizations  
Supreme Pupil Government  
KOA (Knights of the Altar)  
Patrol Leaders Council  
Ravine (School Paper Contributors)  
b. Academic  
Math Wizards  
Young Scientists  
c. Kinesthetic  
Body Movers  
Ballers / Sports (volleyball, basketball, soccer, badminton)  
Board Masters  
d. Knacks  
Home Makers  
Speech and Dramatics  
Visual Arts  
Young Photographers x  
Young Photographers  
Young Puppeteers  
COMI (Children of Mary Immaculate)