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Empowered alumni in the service of God and their fellowmen, ever-loyal sons and daughters of the most Holy Name.


HNU alumni share the values and principles of their dear old alma mater to excel in their chosen field of endeavor and become more effective witnesses of the Catholic faith in Bohol and beyond.


  1. To establish strong linkages among alumni associations in the local, national, and the international areas;
  2. To enhance the inter-connectedness of all alumni chapters and organizations;
  3. To involve the alumni in various school programs which may provide them opportunities to develop their competencies and skills;
  4. To enhance the working relationship among the various alumni groups and the HNU Alumni Affairs and Job Placement Office;
  5. To assist HNU alumni in gaining access to opportunities in the local, national, and global job markets; and
  6. To establish linkages with alumni, external agencies and organizations in the sharing of resources and facilities for mutual growth and development.

The Alumni affairs and Job Placement Office (AAJPO) shall focus primarily on the development thrusts of the university. It shall be mandated to have its own plans and programs which are highly supportive of the vision-mission and goals of the school in her thrust to bring about a truly dynamic and effective response to the needs of the alumni. It shall focus on the school administration's agenda to facilitate contacts with external agencies and institutions for purposes of promoting the advancement of alumni welfare and open up opportunities for the job placement and optimum development and utilization of human, material, and financial resources.

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