College of Education


About the College of Education

The teacher education program of Holy Name University, then Holy Name College (HNC), is one of the first collegiate programs offered when the school formally opened in June 1947. In July 1950, its Bachelor of Science in Education program received government recognition. Five years later, in June 1955, the Collegiate in Home Economics was granted government recognition. Two years later, the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education was also recognized.

It was during Fr. Lesage’s second term that DWC received government recognition to offer a four-year BSEED-HE and Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling.

In 1974, Dr. Guadalupe Saturinas was designated dean of the College.  In 1988, Dr. Saturinas went on study leave to finish her doctoral degree.  Dr. Justiniana Dohig was appointed acting dean.

In June 2009, Dr. Roque Bongcac assumed the deanship of the College. In 2018, Prof. Jaremilleta Arawiran was appointed chairperson.

The College is Level II–PAASCU accredited and is recognized as Center of Development in Teacher Education by the Commission on Higher Education. 

Vision, Mission and Goals


A dynamic teacher-training college harmonizing Catholic faith and instructional excellence for the service of society.


We commit ourselves to the:
  • practice of Gospel values;
  • education of highest standards aligned with  the Christian principles and current realities; and
  • formation of competent and responsible  teachers in constant  search of relevant  knowledge.


We aim to:

  • contribute to the building of a just, safe and  progressive society;
  • offer relevant, research-based and Christian-oriented curricular programs; and
  • promote discovery learning by exposing students to various instructional contexts.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Level

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)
Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLEd)
Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd)
Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education (BCAEd)
Bachelor of Special Needs Education (BSNEd)
Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) with specializations in:
  • English
  • Filipino
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Graduate Level

Doctor of Philosophy in English Language Teaching
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management
Master of Arts in Physical Education
Master of Arts in Education with specializations in:
  • Teaching Secondary School Subjects
  • English for IT
  • Cultural Education
  • Elementary Mathematics Teaching
  • Filipino
  • Teaching Elementary School Subjects
  • Science Education
  • Elementary Science Teaching
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Administration and Supervision

Dean and Program Heads



Dr. Jean J. Roy


Prof. Jaremilleta Arawiran, MA
Program Head
Dr. Jocelyn Gimal
Program Head

College Faculty Members


Prof. Jaremilleta M. Arawiran
MS Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Roque A. Bongcac
PhD in Applied Linguistics

Dr. Rafunzel Y. Bulilawa
EdD in Physical Education

Prof. Fe N. Conui
Master of Arts in Teaching Filipino

Dr. Jocelyn P. Deniega
DevEd in Special Education

Dr. Ethel Doria
PhD in Educational Management

Ms. Le Alberthy Hordista

Dr. Fe Janiola
PhD in Research and Evaluation

Ms. Arlene Loquias
MA in Teaching Elem School Subjects

Mr. Barnette Edsel Tatad
MA in Physical Education


Ms. Mary Roselle Bulilawa

Ms. Bernarose Cadigal
MA in Teaching Human Kinetics

Ms. Carla Jane Tanio


Mrs. Mauricia Bapilar
MA in Science Education

Ms. Jisell Barrete

Mrs. Genevieve Bongcac
MA in Religious Education

Ms. Rufa Roxanne Bugash
Master of Arts in Teaching Filipino

Ms. Margelyn Cañon
MA in English Education

Ms. Noemi Digal

Dr. Maria Liesle Dopeño
Doctor in Instructional System & Resource Management

Dr. Maria Angelina Ibba
EdD in Education

Dr. Joey Jabonete
EdD Major in Physical Education

Ms. Victoria Jaum

Mr. Ted Bryan Ladaran

Ms. Amie Macaambac
MA in Physical Education

Ms. Analie Manliguez

Mr. Owen Naldoza

Ms. Jay Obenza, MPA

Dr. Asuncion Pabalan
PhD in Educational Management

Dr. Jose Pabalan III
PhD in Educational Management

Mr. Cesar Pagulong
MA in Teaching PE and Health

Ms. Sarah Palaca
MA in Administration and Supervision

Ms. Liza Bea Paroginog
MAT-Social Sciences

Dr. Jean Roy
PhD in Educational Management

Dr. Ma. Thesageen Sarabia
Doctor in Science Education Major in Biology

Mr. Celso Tabaranza
MA in Math Education

Mrs. Maria Fe Evelyn Tampos
MA in Teaching Elem School Subjects

Mr. Noel Tuazon
MA in Fine Arts- Creative Writing

Prof. Dr. Socorro Anne Zaluaga
DA Literature and Communication

Graduate School Faculty Members

Dr. Mary Faith Barrete
PhD in Education

Ms. Genevieve Bongcac
MA in Religious Education

Prof. Dr. Amie Rosarie Caballo
Doctor in Information Technology

Mrs. Josefina Cemine
MA in Religious Education

Dr. Maria Liesle Dopeño
Doctor in Instructional

Prof. Dr. Fr. Ruel Lero, SVD
PhD in Extension Education minor in Development Communication

Dr. Prisciano Legitimas
Doctor in Educational Management

Ms. Xiaofang Liu
MA in Chinese Literature

Prof. Dr. Fr. Ramilo Mapaye, SVD
PhD in Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Victoria Millanar
Doctor in Education Major in Science Education

Prof. Dr. Charina Narido
PhD in Biology- Marine Biology

Prof. Dr. Crisanto Pancito
Doctor in Education Major in Science

Prof. Dr. Asuncion Pabalan
PhD in Education Management

Dr. Jose Pabalan III
PhD in Education

Mrs. Junith Angeli Pueblo
MA in Guidance and Counseling

Dr. Rosalina Sarabosing
DA in Literature and Communication

Mr. Ace Uy
MA in Math

Ms. Vera Villocido
MA in Science Education

Ms. Nanelyn Wate, JD

Research and Publications

  • Devotion or Profanity: Examining the Boholano Folk Beliefs on the Instrumentalities of Floral Ornaments in Lenten Procession
  • Development and Validation of English Language Proficiency Test
  • Designing Authentic Assessments within Outcomes-based Teaching and Learning: Critical Reflections on Practice (published)
  • School Culture and Effectiveness (published)

Student Organizations

Young Educators’ Society  
Socialis Studorium  
English Majors’ Society  
Samahang Filipino  
Mathematics Club  
Science Club  
Physical Education and MAPEH Majors’ Society  
Technical Livelihood Education – Learners and Educators Society