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Vestiges and Records of HNU's Academic Excellence

Licensure Exam for Teachers

Graduates of the College of Education obtained high passing rates in Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). The average passing rate for five years from 1998 to 2002 exams is 62.10 percent. The national passing average for the same period is only 33.9 percent. In the 2000 exam, Jean Cuadra Cañete got the 4th place while in the 2001 exam, Mr. Jose Pabalan III got the third place.

Licensure Exam for Certified Public Accountants

CPA Board exam in the recent years placed the school in the national limelight. Mr. Romualdo Murcia III copped the first place in the October 1997 exam. Earlier in the May 1997 exam, May Solera got the 7th place and Evelyn Cabanos, the 19th place. In the October 2000 exam, Jerone Tabanera got he 6th place and on the October 2002 exam, Melvin Lopena got the 15th place.

In the past five years, the school had an average of 33.7% passing rate. For the same period, the national average was only 18%.

BAR Exam

A landmark achievement of the College of Law was in 1969 when Oscar B. Glovasa topped the bar exams. In the same exam, Jose M. Mesina placed 11th. Although no other topnotchers were produced in the succeeding years, yet, DWCT, then, consistently produced lawyers every year. For two successive years in 1993 and 1994, the DWCT Law School was ranked as one among the top 5 performing law schools all over the country.

Engineering Licensure Exam

The College of Engineering had several board topnotchers. In the 1990 civil engineering exam, Engr. Wilfredo Bueno got the 17th place. This was followed by Engr. Ronald Araneta who also got 17th place in the 1996 exam. Engr. Rodnie Melgar got the 5th place in the ECE exam in 2000 followed by Engr. Ramon Gualberto, Jr. who got the 6th place in the 2001 exam.

Nursing Licensure Exam

The average passing percentage of the nursing graduates in the board examinations for the last 5 years is 58.9%. This is higher than the national average which is 52%. Several graduates were board topnotchers, among them: Katherine Mutia and Auric Veloso, 11th and 12th places respectively in 1991 exam; Janet Cabahug, 7th place in the 1989 exam; Ruleo Bantugan, 10th place in 1992; Gladys Napiñas, 15th place in 1995; Geliza Doblas and Nerissa Jamero, 11th and 15th places respectively in the May 2000 exam.

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