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A History of Holy Name University

Msgr. Julio Rosales, First Bishop of Tagbilaran
The end of World War II brought a lot of changes to the province of Bohol.  It did not only see the dawn of a new republic it also brought about the establishment of a new diocese that effectively separated the province from the ecclesiastical supervision of the Archdiocese of Cebu after more than three centuries.  Tagbilaran, the biggest and capital town of the province, became the seat of the new diocese and Mons. Julio (later Cardinal) Rosales became its first bishop.
Fr. Alphonse Lesage, SVD and the Society of the Divine Word
Holy Name College
Divine Word College of Tagbilaran
Filipino Leadership
Quest for Excellence and the University Status
1997 Golden Jubilee Celebration
A Story of High Achievement
Full Autonomy and University Status
Of Buildings and Academic Programs
A New Leadership and Partnerships
Developments, Changes, Challenges and Achievements
A New President and A Reason to Hope

About the Founder

Fr. Alphonse Lesage, SVD
Founder and First Director

HNU Logo and Songs

Basically, the logo is made up of a blue shield encompassed by an unbroken cord of gold. A gold scroll is emblazoned across the middle part of the shield with the legend "Benedicite Nomini Eius." The shield is compartmentalized into four cartouches that are so arranged so as to form the outline of a cross. Each cartouche contains an emblem representative of the thrusts and character of Holy Name University. The main colors of the logo are green, gold and blue.

The SHIELD represents the entire university, its blue color - a new addition to the traditional green and gold of Holy Name College, signifying the new status brought about by its recent promotion, its birth at the beginning of the new millennium, as well as an allusion to the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mother invoked every year by HNU during the October pilgrimages.

The UNBROKEN GOLD CORD signifies the unity of the three main groups composing the HNU community: the Administration, the Employees and the Student Body. These three components are further signified by the three knots at the topmost part of the emblem. The gold cord is arranged in such a way as to suggest a crown, for indeed, if these components live in harmonious unity, it would be the crowning achievement of each and everyone.


The THREE-DIMENSIONAL TRIANGLE - This signifies the Trinitarian Spirituality that HNU has derived from the SVD missionaries; it also signifies the Trilogy of Education, namely, Instruction, Research and Community Extension.

The FLAMING TORCH, the traditional symbol of education and learning. It also symbolizes that trailblazing character of the Holynamian that has made its products stand out in the world outside.

The EMBLEM OF THE SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD is also contained in the shield, not only to denote the ownership of the school. It is also an expression of gratitude by the Boholano community to the SVDs for their pioneering task of establishing the first Catholic college in the island more than fifty years ago.

The HILLS and the COCONUT TREE. The cone-shaped Chocolate Hills are an allusion to the island of Bohol where HNU is located. The coconut tree, its trunk tall and commanding but with leaves drooping downwards to its earth origin, aptly symbolizes the Servant-Leader HNU aims to produce among its graduates - young men and women who take on leadership roles in their respective communities but who never forget their origin nor let go of their innate humility.

The GOLD and GREEN colors, as well as Scroll with the legend "Benedicite Nomini Eius" (Blessed Be His Name) are carryovers from the past, recalling to mind those days when HNU used to be called Holy Name College, later Divine Word College of Tagbilaran. These colors had been chosen by Alphonse Lesage himself, Founder and First Director of HNC, to signify the enthusiasm of youth and the nobility of learning. These symbols, therefore, underscore the persistence of the past, the continuity of tradition that has sustained Holy Name University down the years and which will serve as its strength and basic orientation in the years to come.

All Four Emblems are grouped together to form the outlines of the CROSS, for Holy Name University is Bohol's first Catholic university, just as more than fifty years ago, Holy Name College started out as the first Catholic school of higher learning in Bohol. In HNU, the salvific and evangelical character of Catholic Christianity, under the administration of the SVD Missionaries finds new expression, new character and a new channel for spreading the Good News of salvation.

The Holy Name March

by Atty. & Mrs. Elpidio Biliran

We'll cheer and rejoice
with our hearts aflame
For Holy Name
And sing to the world
all her glorious fame
Our Holy Name
With trumpets resounding
and banners flying
In her vic'tries claim
We'll brave all her fight
to the best of might
For Holy Name.

Let's give her all honor
To our Alma Mater Dear
And lead her with valor
In her struggle far and near
In danger and safety
We will rally round her fold
No matter what may come
We're loyal sons so bold
Of our dear old Holy Name
No matter what may come
We're loyal sons so bold
Of our dear old Holy Name.

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I Wanna Be (HNU Song)

by Michael Cañares

I wanna be in a place where I can be
a part of this big wide world
Where I can spread my wings and fly
to where my dreams can come true
I wanna be in a place
where they understand the stirrings of my heart
where people just like me
will take me as I am, as I am


I wanna be in a University
where I an fully open my mind
If I can be, then I wanna be at Holy Name University

I wanna be in a place
where I can stand proud of who I am
I can face everything just anything
the future may bring
My heart is filled with joy and laughter
'coz I know where I'm going to the only place I choose to be
Come with me and you'll see!


I wanna be in a University
where I can fully open my mind
If I can be, then I'm sure it would be
at Holy Name University

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About the SVD

Society of the Divine Word
St. Arnold Janssen and the SVD