Holynamian Core Values


Integrity is the coherence between one’s word and action and the consistent adherence to the Catholic moral principles.

A Holynamian who possesses integrity upholds the Truth, manifests honesty and consistency in word and deed.

Social Responsibility

It is a value which refers to one’s concern, care and commitment to the welfare of the community and environment.

A socially responsible Holynamian shows sensitivity and care for the people, culture and natural environment and engages in activities that promote empowerment of people and transformation of the community.


A value that puts emphasis on the quality of any well-meaning endeavor that surpasses common expectations and ordinary standards, which is rooted on the teachings of Christ and the principle of common good.

A Holynamian who possesses excellence demonstrates mastery of knowledge and skills in his/her line of work or area of expertise. He/she actively engages in research in an effort to generate new knowledge and relevant innovations, which will guide him/her in rendering service and uplifting communities.

Servant Leadership

Manifestation of a Christ-like selfless giving of one’s person through inclusive and humble service.

A Holynamian servant-leader is committed to lead by example without regard for personal gains.


Evangelization is living a life rooted in the Gospel values and building life-giving relationships.

A Holynamian as Witness to the Word is committed to proclaim the teachings of Christ through word and action.